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   Longton Memorial Tennis Club

Longton Tennis Club

Team Tennis Selection Rules

To promote fairness and an equal opportunity to all club members wanting to play competitive team tennis, the committee has agreed a set of rules:

1. Any selected player must be a fully paid-up member of the club before they play

2. Ribble A and Fylde first teams will get first selection of players from the club and field the strongest team on the night

3. No member should play more than 1 competitive match per week in the respective leagues. e.g. can’t play for Ribble A and Ribble B or Fylde first or Fylde A - unless no other player is available

4. Ribble B team will be run as a team for ALL Adult members to encourage competitive tennis at an appropriate level

5. All team captains will be responsible for recording who plays each match and informing the treasurer, so match subs can be collected. Match cards must be submitted/approved promptly and after every home match and captains must ensure the chalet and courts are left clean and tidy.

6. All team captains are to read and follow the league rules e.g. starred players, maximum number of games that each player is allowed to play, match format etc.

7. Where the adult teams are short on players, juniors may be asked to play where they are able to compete at the required level. Otherwise, adults should be asked to play before juniors.

8. To help with integrating juniors to adult tennis (when moving from one age group to the next) adult captains may select junior players, but consideration given to rule 7.

9. Games should not be re-arranged on a night when there is an existing fixture (be it Fylde or Ribble – home or away) unless it is agreed by both team captains. Scheduled matches always take priority when re-arranging matches.

10. Captains must notify all other team captains at the club of any rearranged games (Fylde, Ribble, Cunningham Cup, Juniors and interclub competitions) and re-book the courts

11. Captains must book the courts for their team home matches and inform any members, should existing bookings need to be cancelled (this is as a last resort)